Chile stretches over 4,630 km. it is a long and narrow country located between the west side of the Andes Mountains and the southeastern shore of the Pacific Ocean, so narrow that it is only 430 km at its widest point east to west.
It is located along a seismic and volcanic area belonging to the Pacific Ring of Fire.
With a wide diversity of flora and fauna, Chile makes a perfect trip for naturalists. Chile is also a trekking paradise, with many excellent sites both north and south like Patagonia, Torres Del Paine, Altiplano and Atacama. The magnificent fjords are one of Chile’s best natural highlights, and cruising through them one of the recommended tours & activities.  For luxury travel, we suggest the Explora Hotels, featuring properties in three exciting destinations: Atacama, Easter Island and Torres Del Paine.
It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia and Argentina to the northeast and to the south with Drake Passage. Chilean territory extends as far west as Polynesia, the best known of Chile’s Pacific Islands is Easter Island. Other islands are the Juan Fernández Archipelago, and the volcanic islets of Salas y Gómez, San Félix, and San Ambrosio, all of which are located in the South Pacific. Chile claims sovereignty over 1.250.000 Km.² in Antarctica, territory called Territorio Chileno Antártico. Because of the country’s presence in South America, Oceania, and Antarctica, Chile is considered a tricontinental country.
Chile’s official language is Español and native languages are not widely spoken. Mapudungun is spoken by nearly 200.000 people and Quechua by nearly 1.000 people whereas Rapa Nui is only spoken by very few people in Easter Island
Whether traveling during summer or winter, there are many activities and tours to fill your vacations with amazing adventures and scenic beauty. Your camera will probably be one of the most important items when you travel to Chile, as scenery like this is somewhat exceptional!

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